“Annisa Swanson paints with words. Soak in her authentic, funny, raw, sometimes painful, always insightful and hope-filled portrait of life. As it was. As it is. And as it can be. You will see your own life and discover rich, textured colors in this tender new book.
-Tom Zuba, author of Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief

“I cried for the little girl lost, I cried for the little girl that I was once, I cried for the little girls no one cries for. I also cried because I finally realized I’m not broken, I’m me. I love you for writing this book, as I truly didn’t realize it would impact and shake me to my core. You are not only a survivor, you are the light to show others they are too!”  ★★★★★

“Great read! Ms. Swanson shares her private moments, fears, tears, joy and laughter in a way women can all relate to. Her perspective on her life and faith is from the heart. No one is perfect, but with faith, we can make it and maybe look back and laugh.” ★★★★★

“Very good read! Enjoyed your journey. I could relate to many places through your journey. I thank you for sharing such in depth personal stories of your life. May you help many!!”

“This has to be one of the best reads for me to start out 2016!! Well written, humorous and tells truth to the core. I am amazed. I had tears and laughter but most of all, it gave me this feeling of knowing I am not alone in the world”

A beloved member of my family was involuntarily admitted to a psych facility after suicide attempt. She’s doing better, but still has her demons shes battling. I gave her Faith, Fat and Other F-Words. She called me crying saying she had felt so alone, til reading your book she felt connected to you & like she wasn’t crazy, that someone else had same thoughts, emotions. So I personally want to thank you again! Your words, raw feelings has helped my family open up & discuss some of her daily struggles!!!! In case you didn’t already know how amazing you are! You are helping others without even knowing! I love you so much more for that!!!”


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  1. I had someone say something truly hurtful last night- I woke up this morning and re-read “wonder woman”. It just reminded me to not only try and let it slide off my back (as impossible as that seemed at the time) but to basically say F-off!! and move on with my life— why let their pain and hurt in their heart that is spewing nastiness affect my happiness and joy?!? This book is fantastic, fabulous, funny, fearless and FREAKING AMAZING!!!

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