Faith, Fat and Other F-Words

A transparent and raw glimpse into a lifetime of laughter and pain, joy and loss, and an unshakable faith. A real life affirmation of the love of God from a woman who swears too much, laughs until she snorts, cries easily and wears her heart on her sleeve. Sometimes inappropriate and incredibly juvenile for a woman her age, but always demonstrating her love of God, friends and a work in process in loving herself. A snapshot of a woman with a past, scars and tattoos to mark her journey through life, and a story that is not uniquely her own. It is also your story…


In this intimate book, Swanson takes readers on a journey through some of her life’s darkest moments, offering a candid look at the tragedies and triumphs that shaped her core values and spiritual convictions.

The daughter of a respected local politician, the writer bears all as she recounts the painful trials of a childhood that, to many at the time, appeared nothing less than picture-perfect. Early motherhood would bring a hard-won joy, only to be jeopardized by a rocky marriage.

With her quick wit and patented no-nonsense attitude, Swanson describes how she turned these deep wounds into proud battle scars. By accepting her troubled past, she accepts herself for who she is — a tattooed 40-something with pink hair who swears too much, talks too loud and wears her heart on her sleeve.

“Many of these experiences aren’t totally unique to me, and I know other people have suffered much worse. Ultimately, I want somebody to pick up the book and say, ‘Me too, I know I’m going to be OK.’”

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“Annisa Swanson paints with words. Soak in her authentic, funny, raw, sometimes painful, always insightful and hope-filled portrait of life. As it was. As it is. And as it can be. You will see your own life and discover rich, textured colors in this tender new book.
-Tom Zuba, author of Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief

“I cried for the little girl lost, I cried for the little girl that I was once, I cried for the little girls no one cries for. I also cried because I finally realized I’m not broken, I’m me. I love you for writing this book, as I truly didn’t realize it would impact and shake me to my core. You are not only a survivor, you are the light to show others they are too!” ★★★★★

“Great read! Ms. Swanson shares her private moments, fears, tears, joy and laughter in a way women can all relate to. Her perspective on her life and faith is from the heart. No one is perfect, but with faith, we can make it and maybe look back and laugh.” ★★★★★

“Very good read! Enjoyed your journey. I could relate to many places through your journey. I thank you for sharing such in-depth personal stories of your life. May you help many!”