Movin’ On Up and Over

I know this will sound a bit crazy, but I’m starting over…

Yep, all of it! NEW!

Social media… NEW!!

Website… NEW!!!

Y’all are probably wondering ‘why in the world would you start your social media all over, Annisa?” Trust me, I’ve had many a moment as I organize, save, delete, create and try to be super techie (which I am not!) 

Allow me to attempt to explain…

I sat in on a powerful teaching, from a powerful friend, about…power. {Ha! Redundant much?} My friend was teaching about sitting in your power, and the lightening bolts just started zapping my soul with that annoying inquisitive hum that I often try to tune out. But the static was relentless, so I just sat and allowed myself to be willing to listen to the accusations pelting my mind.

And in nearly audible accusation, the question surfaced…Are you sitting in your power or are you sitting in your pain? 

The question landed with a fiery bite. Ugh! That one stung a LOT! But the question continued to hang in the air and begged to be answered. Truth be told, my soul knew the answer even if my logical brain rebelled. 

I’ve been sitting in my pain.

For far too fucking long.

It’s in that moment, I realized that even in what felt like defeat, I had power. 

I have the power to choose HOW I react to the pain.

I have the power to make different choices.

I have the power to change where I sit.

It is time to embrace this third season of life. There is no way to find true peace and love well those in my bubble as long as I’m sitting in pain of the first season of my life. I have found great healing in sharing my story with so many of you. It has been a glorious salve to my pain. However, continuing to live and re-live it, I’m just picking the scabs open again. 

You’ve met my TruthTeller friend in the pages of my books. She doesn’t sugarcoat things with me. She is not subtle in the least, at times it’s welcomed, at times the sting lands hard. She has been the daily text message to inquire how I’m doing as I recover from Covid. I mentioned that I was utterly exhausted and not being able to bounce back to work in the time that I thought I should, and she swiftly replied, “when was the last time you actually took the time you needed to really heal. From anything?” My answer was not nearly as profound as the question, and in simple truth…

I have zero fucking clue.

So here’s the so what

I can either choose to continue to sit in the pain.


I can choose to sit in my power.

This Crone is choosing her power. It is in my years of pain that I can offer sage wisdom and support, but I will no longer be tethered to it. I have to carve a new path of power and with that, cast out the pain of the past.

That means tougher boundaries.

That means less of being small and agreeing to shit that makes me feel like shit.

That means less of living life on repeat in old patterns.

And it means closing certain chapters so that they are not on repeat. Including this website. I will no longer be posting or sharing here. And in the coming season, it will just fade away…

There is so much more to experience in the miles ahead of me. My experiences will only take me so far…I didn’t make it this far in life, to only go this far!

So, if you thought I was mouthy and brazen before, you better hang on, it’s gonna get real and real loud in here!

Be loved. Beloveds.

Come, walk with me; right on over to

Let’s sit together, in our power,

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