Chocolate Chaos Cake

I suck at baking. Ok, perhaps that’s not entirely true. I’m intimidated AF to bake. 😬

My Grandma Hedges was an AH-mazing baker. It was her love language. When she couldn’t sleep, she would bake. I mean like 50-dozen-cookies-bake!🍪

But hey, it’s Christmas, and as if pandemic isolation hasn’t already sent me to a life of stretchy pants and pj’s….

“Let’s make an extra extra dark and decadent flourless chocolate cake” and …

🤬HUGE flippen flop! 

Total freak out, near breakdown moment. 

Pause. Breathe.

In that single moment, you can chose to chuck it in the trash or crumble. 

Instead of chucking-it, I chose to create something new 🌟

may have freaked out, snapped at my husband and then crumbled that f’n cake into pieces. 

A trifle-esque dessert of shredded chocolate chaos cake layered with brandy & vanilla, (real) heavy whipped cream. 

It may not have been what I intended, but it was turned into something new and (dare I say) better than what I had originally planned!!!!

⭐️So here’s my “So What”⭐️ 

❗️Don’t beat yourself up for things you don’t excel at. (Also, don’t beat yourself up for ending a sentence with a preposition) 


❗️It may seem odd to be fearful or anxiety riddled to do something that seems sooooo simple


❗️Take a couple of moments to yourself and simply breathe in the midst of the chaos of the next few days. 


Blessed be y’all! 

Merry Christmas ❤️🎄⭐️

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