My Lovelies, I’m gonna be really real and raw here. And before I go any further, this post may be triggering for some.

If you find yourself in crisis (of any kind) please reach out…

I learned today of a former friend, of my former life, was arrested on multiple counts of child sexual assault. As heart sick as I am, I had the moment of doubt…

I know this guy

Can’t possibly be true

Cuz, I know this guy

As I investigated a bit more, link after link began to form a chain. And then, I read a post of one of his victims (then a young boy) from nearly 2 decades ago.

I know this kid

It has to be true.

Cuz, I know this kid

But this is the reality… “Those” guys look like everyone else. There’s no big sign that screams, Predator! There is no wolf disguised as a “grandma” like a fairy tale. They are people we know. The system failed 17 years ago for that young boy, and more victims occurred.

I stayed silent about my own sexual assault at age 10 (not related to this case). I was assaulted by a family member at 13. I always wondered about those that may have been abused after me. The guilt of staying silent has haunted and shaken me for years. I reached out and did the work towards healing. While my wounds are aren’t always scars that have totally healed, some days they are more like scabs that I pick at and reopen.

I say all of this to create solidarity. Not sympathy. This story may find you in your own wounds.

  • I pray for peace for each of us.
  • I pray that your healing comes.
  • I pray that restoration is on its way.
I believe you

I’d like to say that I’m praying for the perpetrator too. I’d like to, I’m just not there yet.

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