Quiet Bravery

So many times we believe bravery to be something well, heroic. BIG. Monumental. Scaling a mountain. Rescuing someone from a burning building. YES! Bravery indeed. Bravery also comes in quiet, unnoticed and seemingly minuscule circumstances.

Those beliefs that we know in our subconscious, get stomped out for the sake of nice-nice and protection. Protection of self and others; or so we think.

The scraps that get tucked into the deepest recesses of our soul, never to see the light of day, are often the revelations that bring about monumental light.

Words that have been yet to be spoken, on text or by voice, rumble in our soul. It is an unsettling quake that nags and pokes and turns in waves until it can rise up and out of us. I often encourage others to ‘get it out!’ Speak your truth, what is truly in your guts. Those itty-bitty crevices that hold a multitude of thoughts. Allow them to rise up, give them light; if only for yourself. NO filter. NO protection. Just raw, gut dumping words.

It’s in giving yourself permission to swear and unleash what’s tucked so deep, that you can set yourself free. My Lovelies, if you find yourself unleashing a dragon, please seek support. Sadly, the heart tucks things away that the mind just cannot fathom; do not attempt to slay the dragon on your own.

Please know that you’re not alone. You are loved. You are mighty. You need no one’s permission to discover yourself. Your authentic self. Find that place of truth. Set your soul free. You are brave. Even in the quiet, you are brave!!!

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